Thursday, June 9, 2011

KANDINSKY KAN DO *** your home palette!

As Part Two to last week's MOMA entry....Color, it seems, is being rediscovered.  Look at this mix-meister's compostion. COLORS WITH COLORS YOU WOULDN'T EXPECT!  The unlikely muses for inspiration harken to FRESH PRODUCE - -Eggplant, Peppers, Watermelon.   Any one of them beautiful!  2 together - - -Great!  3 together - - -can truly be an Artful Mix.  Coincidence how today's AM New York newspaper featured "Color Blocking" on the runways.  These colors could well have been from Kandinsky's "Landscape with Factory Chimney" circa 1910, pictured here.  What's old is new again!

These days the colors used in INTERIOR DESIGN no longer trail those used in CLOTHING DESIGN.  Thanks to media & communication they are running in tandem.
(continued below)

So COLORS - Paint with them, Wear them & Love them!

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