Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Now Finally! by Glenn Lawson Interior Design

Welcome Interior Design enthusiasts. Today's blog is Chapter One for Home Now Finally! by Glenn Lawson Interior Design. Each Chapter will explore exactly what's going on Now in this exciting ever-changing industry.

So - - -let's be real and start from the ground up. We walk on it, stamp on it and hopefully admire it every day. It's our rugs, it's our carpets. They tend to stick around for a long time, so let's make sure we get it right the first time.
Today I interview three celebrated sales reps from three premier New York carpet and rug sources: Fred Hall of Einstein Moomjy: handles both retail and wholesale; Mike Blechner of Stark Carpet: handles wholesale in stock and custom goods; Mark Nelson of Mark Nelson Designs: handles high end wholesale goods, primarily custom.
The question begins "what gives under foot?"

GL: What are people really looking for these days:
FH: Style, luxury, beauty and value in that order.
MB: New designs, more modern designs and by named decorators.
MN: People are looking for value. They want to feel like their money is being well spent.

GL: How is this different from a year or two ago?
FH: The economy has changed the way people purchase home goods. They are not so impulsive. They want the best BANG for the buck!! Value!
MB: No change.
MN: A year or two ago people were on the Wall street money train. Conspicuous consumption. the higher the price, the higher the appeal. Everything was about showing wealth and good taste. Now people are selecting high end goods but without all the sizzle. People are more apt to buy a very expensive worsted wool custom piece instead of the silk and wool, or even viscose and wool for that matter. It's all about restraint, good taste and being understated.

GL: What colors are now on the A list?
FH: There is a wide range of color requests. Color is in the eyes of the beholder. Most customers request the color of their eyes: blue, brown, classic greys are at the top of the list. However it's important to note that clarity in color is number one. That real silky look in natural or artifical light is what customers look for today.
MB: Beige and browns.
MN: This year I am finding the soft greys to be very popular and the very muted jewel tones like lavendar, green and pinks.

GL: Which ones are so 2 years ago?
FH: The muted straw colors are currently OH SOO 2 years ago.
MB: Dark colors.
MN: 2 years ago everything was brown and beige.

GL: Let's settle the debate: what wears longer? wool, nylon or blends? and which cleans best?
FH: Wool by far wears better, looks better longer, ages gracefully, cleans better and oxidizes at a slower rate than nylon. However it is true that nylon is stronger - but eventually uglies out.
MB: Wool.
MN: I am a firm believer in 100% wool. Period. Every different manufacturer will extoll the virtues of what they make. I recommend wool.

GL: Why should people consult with an interior designer before purchasing a rug or carpeting?
FH: A good interior designer is like a good doctor: they ease the pain of decorating. They know the current trends. They have all the knowledge and resources to solve your decorating needs. More importantly a good interior designer can reflect the client's personality throughout their home.
MB: The designer has a better idea of how to put everything together.
MN: A designer most importantly will size the rug, give the room texture and set the tone for the atmosphere that he or she is trying to create. The most common problem with people buying rugs themselves is that they buy them too small. For the most part a rug shouldn't go in front of a sofa and loveseat and under the coffee table. To make the room look bigger the seating arrangement should be partially on the rug.

GL: On a scale of 1 to 10 when you enter a room how much impact should the carpet have?
FH: Between 5 & 7. It really depends on the space. For example a beautiful wood floor acts as a picture frame for Oriental rugs. A nice wall to wall carpet acts as the backdrop for beautiful fabrics and appointments.
MB: 9
MN: I'm in the I say a 10!!

I'd like to roll out the red carpet and thank our three celebrated participants - -and thank YOU for joining us.

HOME NOW FINALLY! by GLENN LAWSON Interior Design - Chapter One