Thursday, June 30, 2011

I WANNA TAKE YOU HIGHER ! To the HighLine, that is!

YES, I DO!  So get yourself to the HIGHLINE - 10th Ave & 16th Street & be prepared for some wonderful surprises.  From 16th street proceed north.  The new section, 20th street to 30th street, just opened 2 weeks ago & in many ways surpasses the original.  URBAN GRIT MEETS PASTORAL FOLLY :)  all combined seamlessly, magically.  Nature as shown in the plantings - wild, yet exotic varieties- yellows, lavenders, ivories, many reds and oranges.  As for the man made dare I use the word varied "textures" abound.  Steel both silver & rusted, carved & sculpted wood, running-water-sidewalks / green green grass- - imaginative and unexpected vignettes unfold before you every two blocks.  Proceeding north & ending at 30th Street you reach a raw chain link fence, an abrupt end.  But you know there will be more; to 40th Street we hope!
INTERIOR DESIGNERS take heed: Color, Pattern & Asymmetry are all here for fresh inspiration.


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