Sunday, January 24, 2010

SHINE ON BRIGHTLY! Lighting for Us Now & Today: Vaughan Lighting

Yes! A few of you remember that brilliant recording by Procol Harum! Anyway the title message translates perfectly to our subject today. We are here today with Lighting Professional and Sales Rep Extraordinaire Deanne DeLessio of Vaughan Lighting, the Premier Lighting Source for Leading Interior Designers today.

1. Now that we have reached the new millennium what do you see is the product direction for the next 2 years?

Vaughan has become more contemporary in its line as the market has done so. We are always trying to provide something new and innovative. We also keep the popular traditional items, as the demand is quite strong.

2. What finishes seem to be in now and what is there not much call for? Has anything come full circle?

Brass, nickel and chrome in the natural metal finishes have been with us from the start. We are getting a lot more requests for bronze and shiny nickel. Our new rust and verdigris finishes seem to be doing quite well.

3, How much business do you see coming from the Internet vs. foot traffic in the showroom? Do you think many people buy "blind faith" from the Internet vs. seeing the product "in person"?

We are getting a lot of calls from our updated website. We do not do lighting on approval and our decorators are fine with that. We welcome people coming in to the showroom and no appointment is necessary.

4. Today how does American taste differ from British taste?

I think, as the world ‘grows’ smaller you see fewer differences. Americans always want a lot more wattage in their fixtures. The English prefer a bit less light, which really is much prettier.

5. Do you think Vaughan has more or less cornered the market or do you sense a lot of

competition our there at your level? A good company will never rest on their laurels and we compete with ourselves as well as observing others in our market.

6. Is there much pressure to sell trade price to potential clients who don't have designers?

The D&D building has a service that provides for this if we do not have someone we can recommend for their location.

7. In these times does "lead time" seem to be an issue? Do you see many who need to have a product in stock now vs. waiting a reasonable ship-to-time?

Certain products are to order, it really depends upon the item and the customer. Most people will wait for the right thing when they find it. We always trying to keep items in stock with as little lead time as possible - everyone is always happier with that.

8. These days, with many people doing their everyday reading off BlackBerrys, iPhones and PCs do you see less demand for people who insist on, say, 150watt capacity fixtures for their library or bedside sconces?

Haven’t seen that yet, they’re still very insistent for reading in a room.

9. What is your opinion of the Green Friendly fluorescent bulbs that are being pushed for table lamps, sconces and residential lighting situations in general?

I personally would like to research the mercury content and disposability factor as I think that needs to be addressed if it’s to be truly green.

That said, the bulbs themselves are constantly being improved upon. We have more and more clients expressing they want to use or will only use green lighting.

Thanks so much Deanne and Victoria for shedding so much light on the subject. We all look forward to shopping with you soon!